Service to the Community

We as a congregation serve as Christ’s hands and feet by:

We also bless the work of our individual members who lead and serve in local organizations that serve our community (The Quest for Social Justice, The League of Women Voters, The Sierra Club, the MAEF Reading Buddies program, etc.)

And special offerings we give through the United Church of Christ serve people throughout the world with emergency aid relief, medical and educational resources, and advocacy.

Principles that guide our service to the community and our commitments to global issues call us to . . .

  • See Christ in those whom we serve as well as to being Christ to those whom we serve.  We do not seek to impose our beliefs onto others.  Rather, we assume that God is already working for shalom in our world, and we are called to join in that ongoing work, which then opens us to ever deepening experiences of God.
  • Serve others as a recursive spiritual practice that stems from and leads to theological reflection and discerning prayer.
  • Partner with those whom we serve in relational, sustainable, respectful, and mutual ways.
  • Challenge ourselves to be open to fresh understandings, be in new relationships with diverse people,  listen humbly to others, and get outside our comfort zone because Jesus ministered to those who were marginalized and because sacred transformation often happens on the “margins.”
  • Maximize our service by matching our unique gifts, experiences, and passions to the community’s needs.
  • Recognize the systemic cause of much that harms and diminishes God’s children and creation. Thus, we hope to understand root causes and respond not only with aid but also with actions for advocacy and empowerment.  We wish to prioritize working for justice over providing charity.
  • Cultivate and strengthen community within and without our congregation through love and service. We hope to keep the boundaries between our congregation and our community “thin”: permeable and not particularly important.

See our nearest UCC ministry:  Back Bay Mission at


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